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Hey guys welcome, today I'm going to show you a new cloud mining website which is still in pre-launch so this is basically a high boot set which offers you some cloud mining plans:

The starter plan you can see here is $70, the  advanced plan is $980 and the Bitcoin superior plan is $5250 for 75 Tira Hashes to hash per second and you can mine in Bitcoin, Etherium, litecoin, Marrero and z-cash for each of the currency.
There are different amount of plans to start it scroll down and below you can download their white paper and see their business proposal, you can also check out their company registration and also you can check out the reviews about this company on Trustpilot as you can see here are 204 reviews about this website on first pilot and it is rated excellent.

So they have a bounty program where you can simply earn by doing simple tasks
you don't need to invest or do anything you can just simply reward by completing these bounty tasks and you can see that the payment proves by a date they have been paying people each and every day and you can check out the transactions, they are paying huge amounts of bounty to people every day so here we can see the all the transfers of material - that they have paid people for completing these bounties so it complete these bounties and you need to have create an account so I'll just leave you the link in below this article

you'll be redirected to this page just scroll down and here you will see the available bounties so you can get paid to share these share something about this website on Facebook,on  Twitter you can share video on a Youtube you can share a review on Trustpilot.

You can do blog post and also you can earn from creating Google ads for this website so the rewards are pretty good, you can see that the minimum reward start from zero point five zero dollars to five hundred dollars so just create your account with your email address, then you have to login.

So until then we can just claim our boundary herbs from completing these simple trusts that I showed you so to take part in the bounty program you need to click on the link to submit your entry where you can see all the rules so follow these rules to be eligible for the bounty bonus so after you have followed all the rules and completed the bounty just fill in this form you need to enter your email address your user name on this website your telegram is your name and Facebook username etc and their post link that you have shared so you also need to follow them on Facebook and on their telegram and you can click here to join their telegram group and a telegram channel so after you have submitted the form you can check out the results.

If your bounty has been accepted or not so you can see the list of the accepted and rejected bounties for blogs, YouTube, Trustpilot, Facebook etc so guys this is a good earning opportunity that you should definitely try out this is completely free so no investment required so claim your bounty before it expires so thank you so much guys for reading.

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