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1. What is Impulsx?
ImpulsX is a cryptocurrency exchange making use of Global Order Books to facilitate fast trading and high liquidity.

2. What is IPX token? Why is it special?
IPX token is the native token of the ImpulsX Exchange. The token is part of the EurekaNetwork as a token of EurekaCoin (ERK). The EurekaNetwork blockchain will not only be Proof of Stake itself (meaning EurekaCoin in itself can be used to earn passively) but also IPX token will be able to be proof of stake (PoS) in themselves securing their own network.

The ultimate question for any new blockchain is why use this over Ethereum for example. Well, EurekaNetwork is actually built using both Ethereum and Bitcoin technology (parts of both blockchains). Therefore it’s just as user-friendly as Ethereum, it’ll be cheaper to deploy & of course it provides the ground breaking open source development of allowing other projects tokens to be able to build upon it and secure their own PoS network. So why is it good for projects to be able to secure their own networks? The answer is an economic one. Currently the profits of all transactions that a token built on the Ethereum blockchain generates, goes to Ethereum miners and that provides no benefit for the project. With the EurekaCoin PoS solution it means that the stakers of those projects built on the EurekaNetwork get the reward and the project itself will benefit. That’s a very strong incentive for people to hold the token and to support the project. Every single transaction that takes place on the EurekaNetwork blockchain will actually burn some Eureka out of circulation.

The IPX token will have a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. As this project is created with the help of the Buzzex community, all BZX coin and VMT token holders will be able to swap their coins/tokens on a 1:1 ratio to the new IPX token.

40% of the net-profit of ImpulsX will be used to facilitate a buyback and burn program. This means that the more profit is generated, the more IPX tokens will be pulled of the market, which in turn means an increase of the price of the IPX token over time.

10% of the net-profit of ImpulsX will be used to support charities. The owners will choose several charities which they will support and users will be able to vote for their favorite charity. All the charities chosen will be paid an amount equivalent to the percentage of votes.

3. Why should I use Impulsx?
There are several cool features that ImpulsX has that could benefit you as a trader:
- Use of Global Order Book to facilitate fast trading and stable pricing;
- Earning free IPX tokens for registering on ImpulsX and performing KYC;
- Earning free IPX tokens for referring new traders who perform KYC;
- By trading on ImpulsX you facilitate the buyback and burn program so your IPX tokens will increase in value over time;
- By trading on ImpulsX you help several charities.

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